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Global United Events & Matches

Past Events & Matches

17th Oktober 2012 Annual conference of Deutsch-Russisches Forum at the foreign Office in Berlin

»Fascination football: Once again – guest at friends«
With the WC 2018 in Russia in mind impulses and ideas for manifold projects and longterm projects for all fields of society were discussed and developed. The presidents of both football associations, fan- appointees, NGOs plus ministries and resonsible persons for security, infrastructure and economic affairs took part in the discussions. The management and supervisory boards of Global United were involved in all discussions. In occasion of the press-conference a match of a Russian Team vs. Global United worldteam at Sokolniki Park (moskow ́s „green lung“) has been announced for May 2013 as a first highlight on the way to the 2018 football WC. At the press conference in Berlin the relaunch of the Global United homepage was presented to the media.
Futher participants of Global United in Berlin: Uwe Fuchs, Axel Kruse, Achim Weber.


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 Pictures: Deutsch-Russisches Forum/Radke

13.10. - 14.10.2012 MTG United for Peace Cup

Global United FC introduced in mid-October at the MTG United for Peace Cup (www.mtgunitedforpeace.com) in Oslo as part of the Celebrity Tournament Team Germany. For the first time was on the small box in Lillestrom Peter Peschel and Ansgar Brinkmann, who introduced in sports and human toll. Led by Michél Dinzey, Olaf Marschall and Lothar Sippel we were reinforced locally with the CEO of MTG Group Hans-Holger Albrecht with his offensive skills and a U17 goalkeeper Lillestrom SK. In the first match against Sweden, who acted with the 116-fold international Roland Nilsson, we noticed that we 5 offensive forces on the field and we have had to Final countered by 1:4. In Game 2 against England, which inter alia played with Tony Woodcock and Viv Anderson, we were under pressure, but they could win 4-1 and move into the semifinals. Led by former world class player Jari Litmanen we could make the encounter against young MTG AllStars to 2:2 balanced and had to admit defeat until a golden goal. In the 3rd place match against Norway with former Germany legionnaires Erland Johnsen, Mini Jakobsen, Lars Bohinen, André Bergdölmö we succeeded then a nice 3-1 success. The children from different countries, who were playing the finals marveled at any rate on the Old men and their football skills. We had footballers with nearly 1.000 caps on the field at this tournament!


RuhrCup 2012, 14th June 2012

Opinionleader event for Germany´s ten biggest foundations (e.g. Stiftung Mercator, VolkswagenStiftung, Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung). Talks about cooperation in the fight against climate change. Motto: „We Love Football. We love our Planet.“

Participants Global United: Fredi Bobic, Lutz Pfannenstiel, Michel Dinzey, Ernst Tanner, Rüdiger Mengede, Uwe Fuchs, Tilmann Meuser.  




Event Details

Date: May 27, 2012

Team: Global United FC Stars vs. Lusen Kickers Frauenfreizeitliga DJK SG Schönbrunn

Event Typ: Charity-Game

Kick off: 3.30 pm

Event Location: Sägmüller Str. 15, 94545 Hohenau, Germany LUSENSTADIUM

Charity Project: Proceeds from the event will fund climate protection initiatives in the national park Bavarian Forrest, the oldest German National Park and green lounge of Europe. Also local schools will distribute free tickets to kids and we support youth projects in Passau area.

Foreplay: Global United FC Team: Lutz Pfannenstiel, Sepp Weiß, Jörg Albertz, Michél Dinzey, Manni Bender, Hans-Georg Drehsen, Vitus Nagorny, Alberto Mendez, Andy Mayer, Martin Driller, Gary Blissett, Markus Sailer, Daniel Jungwirth, Thomas Ziemer, Fredi Bobic, Brasilianische Verstärkung: Ronald, Alex Cerdeira

12.-18. March 2012 3rd Climate Kick Namibia 2012 (GUFC CHARITY EVENT)

OCASSION: World Environmental Week. Three games with highlight game in Windhoek with friendly cooperation with Ministries of Tourism and Education.

WHEN: March 12.-18., 2012

WHERE: Windhoek, Katatura, Coast

PROJECT: "Waste not want not" recycling program; United Nations Clean Up the World; Billion Tree Campaign GUFC celebrates World Water Day in Namibia: Global United Football Legends and happy school children jointly score a goal for environmental protection: Global United sponsors waste recycling systems for 10 Namibian schools. During five days in Namibia Global United football legends such as Lolo Goraseb, Olaf Marschall, Lothar Sippel, Jörg Albertz, Michael Schulz, and Michel Dinzey have taken an active and symbolic stand for climate protection and social responsibility in soccer: Global United FC stars well proved that they could master different turf from a symbolic kick-around on Namibia’s highest Namib Dune 7 in Swakopmund to a beach match at Walvish Bay with the Namib desert in the back. The special highlight of Global United FC Climate Kick Namibia 2012: A showcase match featuring the Namibian Legends vs. the Global United Legends at the Sam-Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek. A crowd of well over 2000 passionate soccer fans enjoyed top soccer footwork and a goal-strong game dominated by Global United who in the end took the winning seat by 5:9.

TEAM: „GLOBAL UNITED LEGENDS“ Lutz Pfannenstiel, Athiel Mbaha, Olaf Marschall, Sean Dundee, Phil Masinga, Yaw Preko, Adam Ndlovu, Lothar Sippel, Michél Dinzey, Kalle Pflipsen, Silvio Meißner, Jörg Albertz, Peter Ndlovu, Michael Schulz, Petar Rnkovic. TEAM „NAMIBIAN LEGENDS“ – with football stars from Namibia, South Africa and Entertainment: Lolo Goraseb, Danzel Bruwer, Bimbo Tjihero, Orlando Haraseb, Tiger Goagoseb, Amos Shiyuka, Mohamed Ouseb, Congo Hinjou, Gazza (DJ), The Dogg (Artist), Rodman (DJ), Lucky Richter, Gerrok Urikhob, Mabos Ortman, Eliphas Shivute, Frank Fredericks, Sandro de Gouveia, Lucky Lakuva, Rols Bleiter.

Supporters of the Climate Kick Namibia 2012: First National Bank, Hilton Hotel Windhoek, Ohorongo Cement, Namibia Tourism Board, AirNamibia, Sense of Africa, Okapuka Farm, WIRSOL Solar AG, Zollner AG, Polytan Sportstättenbau GmbH, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Conley´s, Reisebüro Knoll, Namib Mills (Top Score), Danaric Auto (BMW)



The Economist Footballers on climate awareness drive: Soccer fans will be in for a treat when international soccer players take on Namibian players on 17. March 2012 at the Sam Nujoma Soccer Stadium in Windhoek. According to Lutz Pfannenstiel, founder and president of Global United, the game will feature players from Europe and Africa. “Our ‘mixture’ this year is a fantastic one. We invite every single soccer lover to the stadium on 17. March and aim to fill it to capacity with 12 000 fans,” Pfannenstiel said. The match forms part of the FNB Global United Climate Kick that was launched in Windhoek this month at the Namutoni Primary School in Katutura. The campaign is hosted by First National Bank (FNB) and Global United.


The Namibian Global United Climate Kick launched: THE FNB Global United 2012 Climate Kick initiative which was launched in Windhoek on Tuesday sees retired football household names coming to play in Namibia for the third year in a row. Several awareness activities will be held to focus on climate change and its impact on Namibia, while the main event will be a soccer match between Global United Football Club and an FNB Namibia Invitation team at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura on March 17. It is also being planned to play a special five-a-side soccer match in the desert near Swakopmund on March 15. to spread the direct message of global warming.


Gahamma: Namibia: Kick 2012 Draws Huge Support Windhoek — Numerous sponsors pledged their unwavering support towards the hosting of the FNB. Global United Climate Kick 2012 initiative. Other important role players such as the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture also gave their backing for the project and wished everyone well.



Igloo project Ruhpolding, February 29th to March 4th 2012 (GUFC EVENT)

OCCASION: Protest activity for the victims of climate change. Biathlon-WM.

WHEN: Feb 29 to Mar 04, 2012


WHERE: Ruhpodling, Germany

PROJECT: Donations support the work of GUFC e.V. such as our GUFC Climate Change Victims Relief Fund.

Cause: Sensitization for climate protection – World Climate Summit in the context of biathlon world championship 2012

Project: Lutz Pfannenstiel lives 5 days and 4 nights in a self made igloo. There he developes together with talk guests from sports, politic, enonomy ideas and concepts for a social climate protection, sensitizes for the issue. Via livestream thousands of people can follow the project, 50 international media reports about the project. Sponsoring and fundraising generates more than 20.000 € donations for Global United and it´s social envirionment projects. At the same time the igloo project was kick-off for a marketing campagne of an industrial association from the building material/refurbisment branch.  








 Video: Iglu-Event Global United FC e.V.

Passau 2011

Date: June 10, 2011

Team: Global United FC vs. 1. FC Passau (1st. Half) / BFV Lower Bavaria Selection (2nd. Half)

Event Typ:Charity-Game

Kick off: 6.30 pm

Where: Passau, Germany Event

Location: Dreiflüssestadion

Audience: -20.000

Occasion: 100 Years 1. FC Passau

Charity Project: Testimonial Game of Lutz Pfannenstiel proceeds from the event will fund climate protection initiatives in the national park Bavarian Forrest, the oldest German National Park and green lounge of Europe. Also local schools will distribute free tickets to kids and we support youth projects in Passau area.



Namibia 2011

Date: April 03, 2011

Event Typ: Charity Game

Team: Global United FC vs. Namibian All Stars

Time: 03:00 p.m.

Where: Otavi, Namibia Event

Location: scraggy, hard desert ground

Occasion: Namibian Youth Environment Day 2011

Charity Project: Event proceeds will benefit Namibian children in Townships and rural areas of Namibia through in-kind donations (Textile, Solar-Reading-Lamps). In addition, we plant trees together with soccer stars. All kids of the region are invited, tickets for kids are for free.

Cooperation: German Ambassy Windhoek, Namibian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy, Namibian Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Namibian Ministry of Education, Namibian Ministry of Information

Main Sponsor: Ohorongo Cement (subsidiary of the German Schwenk Zement) introduces a new green technology to produce energy and at the same time restore the savannah as a side effect.

Additional Sponsors: Sat1ran, Conleys, Polytan Sportstättenbau GmbH, Berliner Senat, TSG 1860 Hoffenheim, Mittelbayerischer Verlag AG, Modevertrieb Voulgaris, Physiotherapie im Zollhaus Dario Karamatic & Alex Friesen GbR



Chemnitz 2011

Date: January 29, 2011

Event Typ: International Oldie-Tournament

Teams: Global United FC World Selection, Chemnitzer FC, VFB Stuttgart, FC Barcelona, Al Sadd Sport Club Katar

Where: Chemnitz, Germany

Event Location: Chemnitz Arena

Audience: 4000

Occasion: 19. International Chemnitz Oldie-Indoor Football Tournament 2011

Game Report Top Scorer: Ailton (10 Goals)

Finale: GUFC World Selection - FC Barcelona 3:2


Arosa 2011 IceSnow Football World Cup in Green Health Resort Arosa "Children for Sports" of Laureus Foundation

Date: January 20, 2011 

Event Type: Charity-Tournament WM

Teams: Global United German Selection,Switzerland, Netherlands, Laureus All Stars

Where: Arosa

Time: 16:30 Event

Location: Health Resort Arosa, Switzerland on frozen lake Obersee

Occasion: IceSnow Football World Cup in Green Health Resort Arosa Charity Project: "Children for Sports" of Laureus Foundation 

Teams & Players List

Switzerland: Knup - Cantaluppi - Stiel u.a. Egil - Bickel - Türkyilmaz - Vega- Häberli

Global United Auswahl: Schneider - Buchwald - Heinrich - Ramelow - Jansen - Pfannenstiel u.a.

Netherlands: van Hoojidonk - Numan - Blinker-Mols Laureus

All Stars: Sérgio - Aldair - Karembeu - Karambeu - Paliguca - Balakov - Halle - Rink - Dundee - Masinga u.a.

Gamereport Goalscorer: Jörg Heinrich (6 Tore)

Socred Goals: 65

Finale: GUFC Germany Choise - Laureus All Stars: 4:0

Game Scores: Germany – Switzerland: 6:5 Schweiz – Niederlande: 10:4