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Project Trinkwasserspende.de

Trinkwasserspende.de and Global United FC e.V. have founded a cooperation through the Deutschland hilft e.V.. Within the framework of single events to beat the world record to build the biggest crate of water in the world out of Lego bricks a Global United FC project will also be supported. The decision has been made to sponsor a drinking water project in Otavi (with a well or drinking water processor) because Global United FC e.V is already present in the north of Namibia with various projects and would therefore like to improve the situation in the hospital and the neighboring township. The Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust is a reliable local partner who will be at our side to take care of the effective realization and supervision of the project.



Projects Planned

Global United goes Zanzibar

According to our motto "We love football. We love our Planet." we presented an enduring football support project at Zanzibar/Tansania last August, which will combine the development of national talents and school education in an own boarding school. In occasion of the press conference at Spice Island Ressort Cesare Prandelli, national coach Italy and new member of United FC and Tilmann Meuser, honorary member of Global United FC, handed over a complete youth-trikot-set with Global United branding inter alia to Khamis A. Said, Chairman Zanzibar National Sports Council and Gerd Winkel, Director of Government Zanzibar Tourism Office. Under leadership of Lutz Pfannenstiel coaches – certainly members of Global United FC – will coach the young football talents on location. In advance a charity-match in Stone Town is scheduled.

Spice Island Resort