Friday, 1. März 2024

Annual General Meeting 2024

The 2024 Annual General Meeting in Amberg is history and the members have once again approved some important decisions for the future of our activities in our countries of operation. It's great to have such committed members and ambassadors who support the organization more and more. It's fun to look to the future! Oh yes, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board were also confirmed in office. The 15th anniversary of the e.V. is coming up in 2026.

We will then provide information about individual projects on our various channels and yes, you can become a supporting member of GUFC privately and as a company, NGO or other corporate body! The application form will soon be available on the website 🙏🏽 The hoodies are available from 90mnts, by the way

Photo: Part of the GUFC Executive Board, Supervisory Board and Advisory Board: Fredi Bobic, Kristian Baumgärtner, René Richter, Sven Semmler, Bernhard Heinisch, MdL, Matthias Maisch, Rainer Hahn

The local press also made a detour to our Annual General Meeting in Amberg and our Supervisory Board Chairman Fredi Bobic was on hand to answer questions. After the Green Week in late summer 2023, we may well make a stop in the Upper Palatinate in the near future with further collaborations.


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