Wednesday, 17. Januar 2024

Project in Rwanda

A conclusion and a look into the future of a project that we were able to support in Rwanda and where the final inspection recently took place. In the mountain village of Kirinda, about 3 hours from the capital Kigali, there was a former soccer pitch that had been reclaimed by the jungle after several years.

The NGO Junge Menschen für Afrika e.V., which already had various projects there, was looking for partners to help bring the soccer pitch back to life. Kirinda has a population of around 1,500 and it was clear how important it was for everyone to be able to offer a pitch again, especially to young people.

And so many locals lent a hand and by planning a drainage system for the pitch, the problem with the amount of water in the rainy season was also solved! Now several schools have a sports field again, which is also used for other events in the region. The demand, including from neighboring villages, is immense and the local talent is there, as shown by the regional school football championships won by the team from Kirinda. Now it's time to start using the pitch, where a plan and, above all, care and rest are important in order to be able to use the pitch in the long term. The pictures from JMfA show impressions after the start of construction and the result. We are pleased that we were able to be part of the project - thanks also to our donors - and also that we can act on site with the girls' football project #freedom2play.


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